I'm Off The Rails Cunt

The awkward moment when 2 people start a conversation on your facebook status.


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Anonymous asked: How often do you masturbate?

Whenever cunt dont have a number to give just whenever I feel like cranking one off you know what i mean cunt?

Anonymous asked: Hobbies?

Sport, Sport and more Sport

Anonymous asked: Favourite Wrestler?

Hmmm thats a toughy. Colin Delaney

Anonymous asked: ;)

Yeah ok lets go root

Anonymous asked: Yeah alright

Yew bewty

Anonymous asked: Favourite restaurant and why?

Does Subway count? If yes, then Oscars cos I like their Chicken Giarna

Anonymous asked: U r @ Qt

Where’s QT? Narh cheers baby g you probs are too ay

Anonymous asked: Like being Rangarr

Probably not the best hair colour to have. Doesnt help with a tan either

Anonymous asked: Favourite singer?


Anonymous asked: Are you enjoying life at the moment?

Yeah its not too bad I give it a fair shake of the saucebottle